Almost Almost - Day Three

Hello Readers, thanks for being there.

Yesterday, while going home, I saw a place; a pharmacy & Supermarket, which its noticeboard says "Experienced Sales Boy/Girl is needed". I made an enquiry, I was told all I need.
I told my course mate which I've been patronising her work place for my job ish feedback. I narrated all. I also told her about a guy, my old neighbor I met. He was coming from his place of work as well. I told the guy my issue. Fortunately, when he asked for my CV, I was able to provide it.
I told my course mate all this just to help me more on anything she could render. I left her place after some minutes.
So, today. I woke up early as usual. I didn't cook because of where I'm going to drop my CV.
Before I got to the place just few steps to the place, I quickly brought out my application letter to fill the place name and address. When I'm done. I enter the place, I greeted the man I met. I told him I saw Sales Boy is needed and I want to apply. "what do you have to apply"? He asked. "I came yesterday and I was told to bring my credentials, here is it". I handled it over to him. He went through it then he stationed on Application Letter, he saw weird thing I wrote. "I am glad to apply for a straight man position in this great company" The man was like what do you mean by "Straight man position". I didn't know to tell him I meant "Agile" He wanted to change it to gay matter. He later said in as much as it is Sales boy I wanted to go for, I should have specify on it. I left the place for my work place.

I was thinking how weirdo I'm growing. I didn't mean to type what is in the letter. I just don't want to place myself cheap.

I got to my place of work quite late. I met the guy I mentioned in day two. He was on the chair busy with the laptop he brought. We had a bit stound of chats and everything then was normal.

During break time, we took Yam & Bean. We also use the opportunity to submit his IT Letter at headquarter.

After closing hour. I didn't go home straight. I had to survey Sango-Mokola way for another option. I walked down the Mokola way, around Sango Cemetery, I met someone I know in my department, he signalled his office, we departed after a few minutes.

I continued my unending journey. I trekked and trekked. On my way I saw a place wanting a Sales Boy. I didn't try to give a second gaze I shunned it. I then, called my eldest bro, I narrated everything, he encouraged me to stay at Printery. He told me knowledge is all I need, in as much as I'm in my field, I didn't lose. I'm actually gaining.
I felt for his words and I took a Cab home.

Dear Reader,
You are not cheap, keep pushing it. Do not relent. Do not say this is not good and abandon the only choice you have for nothing. Nothing is permanent. For the main time, I believe with God all things are possible. God will be with you. Stay blessed.



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