Boredomnesslessly: Day Two

Today's summary looks a bit narrative and boring. If there's any error, I'm sorry and kindly help me take it with love. Thanks in advance. 

Hello My Readers,

I really appreciate for your checking up on the blog, I’m grateful. I hope all is well over there. This is the summary of my 2nd day.

I took the Secretary position, I play along. The chores I supposed to do, I do ‘em. But on my first day, there’s a matter ongoing that an IT student is needed at the ventures’ hotel. I might likely to be the person. Well. I’m still finding better place.

Also, this first day, during my SIWES program, the guy I partnered with came to do some things. He was questioned a lot about his internship, then persuaded to do it in printer. The fact that he hesitated, he still had no better option “on ground”.

So, on 2nd day, he didn’t come, manager asked of him, I told manager I can’t reach him ‘cos he lost his phone. Well, what will be will be.
During break time, I took my lunch box and ate what I reserved. I watched movies too. It is quite boring today. What I’ve said so far too is boring. I’m sorry.
Oh! Lest I forget, while going home after closing hour, I branched to my course mate’s spot, where she’s working, though we’ve discussed something before, all about job. Where she told me to apply I gave her the report, the place is not really nice and have not seen a better choice. She gave me description of other place(s). She tried. I know. I also told her I got a place on my own but sadly my credential wasn’t with me I shoulda submitted my application but still, the ‘morrow is still sure for the optimist.

That’s all I have for today. Thank you.
Thanks for reading.



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