Escape Plan - DAY 4

Hello Readers,

I hope you’re good as I’m doing great here. Today, I’m going to tell the bad omen that prematurely appears.

I woke to the noisy alarm. There is no water in the house; I had to check the well around to fetch water. Before I finished all home chores, time has gone. I had my bathe and off to work.
As usual, I have to take two motors before getting to my destination. The first motor I took, I sat next to the door, when the passenger beside me wanted to alight, as I open the door, unfortunately for a small girl holding firmly by her mother, walking wearily to school, got hit by the motor door. 

Whoops!! “I’m sorry ma, I didn’t mean to hit her, my eyes were away from the door sight, I just opened it, sorry ma” 

“See how you hit her? Olohun o da (meaning: God will be our judge)”.
In my mind, I rebuked it. Though, I felt guilty but, I didn’t mean to.
I then, alighted from the motor and took another to my final destination. 


I got to my place of work late; I met my partner busy with his personal work on PC (system), we greeted each other. After some minutes, the woman that employed us came to take one of us to headquarter. 

“Who is going to hotel between you?” She asked.
“Him” My partner snapped.

There’s no way to revert this. She asked me to go to Restaurant and ask of someone. I left reluctantly; I didn’t take my lunch box along.


I got the Restaurant, asked of whom to ask and I was entertained with one or two questions; more or less an interview. He, the person is the Chef. He introduced me to other staffs, the last intro I did was with The Secretary, A woman.
Her: “What’s your discipline?” 
Me: “Mass communication”
Her: “Have you applied to other place before?”

She questioned me most on how my discipline is related to the Restaurant. I answered all her questions. The place is not a better place for me at all. I was told all the rules & guides and the Restaurant’s Ethics. The part which I’m going to be wearing corporate everyday got me stiffed. I told her (secretary) I can’t and I don’t wear corporate. The other woman beside her was telling me about my profession; she took me to the part of what makes a Journalist. She started listing do & don’t in journalism. I told her if it’s to cover event, we know how we do our job not how to manage Restaurant. In as much as I’m outer my profession, I can’t. 

It was just an excuse to leave the zone (Restaurant) though.


When it was almost noon, I told the secretary that I want to take my lunch at Printery besides; I want to speak with the manager. She felt a bit reluctant. She then phoned Chef for permission. She told me Chef is coming. Then, we started cleaning dirt fans; we “lay” for lunch. (Lay is the term used in serving table). 

After setting for lunch, the secretary told me I can leave for Printery and I should not be long. I meekly walk out. I got to Printery, I spoke with the manager that the place is not my taste, I then, was sent back to headquarter to meet the woman in charge. I aired my mind. The woman told me to have my seat back at Printery. But if my partner is interested, he can go to Restaurant.  When I got to the Printery, I feedback the manager and my partner, but he was less interest.

Later in the day at work, I asked manager my new post, she told me to resume to Computer Room as from tomorrow. Well, not too bad.

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My lovely people,
Here is my self tiring story. For visiting this blog often, thank you. My word for you today is DON’T GIVE UP YET. Had I gave up; I would have ended up doing my 12months internship at Restaurant without any sufficient fund. Please, do not give up no matter what. Let’s move on



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