“My Country is in multi-national dilemma. Nobody is ready to help anybody. Everybody is helpless, we are not eating diet, we are nothing but animal, even lower animal is better than we so-called higher animal. We are suffering and helpless. We are tired. Enough!!!”

I am a student of The Polytechnic, Ibadan. Before I gained admission, I strived to study to the extent of giving up due to failure. My failure is not about being a dullard, but the blame is on my country’s neck, because she has no better room for my potentials.
On one good day, I stood up and began to question my journey from the beginning, from the moment I can think, differentiate between what is right and wrong. I cannot but see any blame I have but my Country’s.
From the moment I was admitted, I had nothing in mind but to study and study.
Let me say something about my school. No matter how vibrant, genius, even you being Aristotle’s teacher, what you know won’t give you good grades. Some lecturers have their various principles. Some would tell you, if you refused to buy course materials no matter how you tried in your exam, you will re-run the course, material is the only ticket to pass; and if you buy that particular material, don’t expect miracle or think you’ve pass because you might end  up having less than or exact 40/100. 

Some would conduct several tests during classes and end up not using it –what you score in your exam will determine what you’ll get in the test & assignment score sheet.
Some lecturers won’t even give you any test or assignment they will just use names to grade you and give you scores based on mood. Everything is a scam.
Here in our various hostels, we are eating non-balance diet. We find ourselves in a situation whereby only those that their parents are rich, those that can scam people or their parents, and those that engage themselves in any form of runs are eating good food and living a comfortable life in school. We lowly people are eating raw, non-sense.

This year just ended Ramadan, my roommates, Shakirat and Kafilat, they would feel very ashamed to wake up during mid-night to eat for the preparation of fasting. Why? Because they have no good food to eat, they will drink Garri in the mid of night and still take Garri to break. What a life!
Yet, we are wasting money on school. Parents strive hard to pay school fees and child’s shelter, hoping to enjoy their labor's fruit when we (child) become somebody. 

Now, school hope is but nothing in market place. Our government has been telling us to learn trade. Good. Many have learned it, some are on training. Those that have learned and become their own boss, their business doesn’t grow in a way they want. 

Some business chart start from 30% to 32% to 45% to 60% down to 30% where they started and then later died down. Simply means the trade government introduced us to, it durability is like Tiger battery that it lifespan has limitation. They don’t give us a better hope. Government is a scam itself. Scam, yes, scam!

I have learned from the past and the current. I will do anything for any Gee. Especially, while dealing with my government. I embrace this Cyber theft. I am in support of it. Come to think of it, Dasuki, that embezzled the fund that is meant for military campaign against Boko Haram, has been pardoned. Imagine! It is really disheartening. Theft is my country government itself. Though, I won’t engage in any form of Cyber theft but, I would help any yahoo boy I see. If any real Gee is reading this or listening to this article, you are the best.
Though, you maybe nobody today but you would surely be somebody great tomorrow.

Gee up there, you are all real MVP. Don’t feel bad about what you are doing now. You are simply finding means to survive and there’s no sin there. “We only eat where we work”.  Our government is the one wasting resources they have by neglecting you. The talents some countries want are what their ignorant are losing.

Here is my a-pause word, the so-called final word for you, you haven’t get there; there is a long way for you to go. You can’t be dealing with White only, we have many resources here. Our top officials are there. Come on, they are not for decorations. Tap their currents. Prove to them what you really are. Tell them! Prove their incompetency. Break their securities. Show them. If you don’t you are but an error like our leaders themselves. Please, it is a plea.

No law would have any charges against me for writing this article. And if any law has or if anybody wishes to fight me, I will warmly welcome such person. “Merci bien” Thank you very much.

I Wrote This In 2018, When I Was An Undergraduate. 
Written By - Stefan 

Olanrewaju Bolaji, whose pen name is Stefan, is Graduate Of Mass Communication, The Polytechnic, Ibadan. He writes anything that cross his mind. He can reached at stephbolaji@gmail.com or +2347067682316


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