The Pain Within Us - Poem

Here is a poem I wrote to appreciate the pain that female born goes through..

The Pain Within Us

Do you know pain more than her?
Do you actually know what the real pain is?
You do not?

Pain is what she puts on daily
Pain is what she holds like a mama grip her daughter's hand while crossing road
Pain is within her, it is in her, it is her.

Oh! Do you know the real pain?
This pain..
Oh! This pain

Pain is meant to be with her right from the early time
She's to embrace it
She's to appreciate it
She's to love it even in her hapless state
She has to.

This pain...
Oh! This pain
It is hers.

It is in her lineage
She's to suffer it more than sinewy
Cos' it end is more brutal.

Rage.....of evil runs through the veins and every stream of blood in her
Her ancestors gave it to her,
to mortgage it.

This pain is a gift given to appreciate our great mother's 'did',
It is the pain we meant to experience and withstand
It is ours,
We are the actual pain,
Female born.



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