The First Day Of My Internship - Day One

The First Day Of My Internship - Day One

The first day of my Internship at University of Ibadan Printing Press.

As I was told, 8am opening hour – 5pm closing hour; I rushed down to bathroom to have my bath as early as I could. I got to office a bit late, 08:14am.  I met some of the staff standing at entrance, waiting for the person that holds the company’s key. I greeted them, exchanged words in welcoming tone. We didn’t wait much long before gate entrance was opened. 
Few minutes later, as the company’s custom, we had morning devotion, had announcement, I wasn’t introduced as the new face because it was the same place I did my 4 months SIWES training. We then had the Lord’s Grace as the last resort.

I walked down to manager’s office, we spoke and I was told secretary post is empty so, I’m going to hold the position till there’s a change in hand  from headquarter. “softly in my mind, this is cool”.

Before noon sets her table, manager told me my letter has not been received by her from headquarter. I was told to meet someone there and have my acceptance letter. I rushed to the place and got it. While going, I barely read the letter. The time I was about to reach Printery, I saw what I would be receiving, what I worth(as in). You won’t believe what I saw.

Please note that your month remuneration as an industrial Trainee in this organization is #5,000.00 (five thousand naira) “.
This moment, I didn’t know what to do. I walked straight to manager’s office and showed her. Then, I made 2copies of it, handed 1copy to Accountant, 1 copy for me and the original to Manager.

To cut the story short, I had no choice but to accept this offer yet, I’m not contended with it, the fact that the work in the office is not strenuous or difficult at all. I cannot hold it for long. Considering my transport fare daily, food, and other stuffs, no, I can’t.

My dear readers, this is my today’s story. I’m trying to be strong and happy. That’s the main reason I picked the job. Thanks for reading, do have a lovely day. Thank you.

- Stefan
-PenRite Team.

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