What is End?

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Is End Infinity?    
  Is There End?

Two genders mate
Through orgasms
Fetus form
And metamorphose to clitoris’ door
Then to birth stage,
After nine months.

New birth come as infant
To journey the world
As a pilgrim or indigene
Based on what s/he is called for.

The specie grow to puberty stage
Then to maturity stage
Then next stage as it's to
And finally interbreed
As his—her parents did while getting him—her.

As time goes,
S/he grows adult
Grows grey
...60, 70, 90—10000000 years
As his—her life span's lasts.

After life,
S/he continue journeying underworld or “upper-world”
S/he starts another phase in sequel
Phase where no one has experienced
But in our delusion
We have it view in HD
Too clear to picture
Imagery the father of sight

So now,
What is end?
Where does it come from?
Answer this; wherever you meet your end.



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