"some lines are grammatically incorrect, pardon me for that"


At around dawn,
When sun has already met home,
When the noisy mute,
And storm became still.

"In soft tone
Come nearer the father calls"

He summoned his children,
And tell the very cool tale,
He bumps to early life of Roman,
How Pharisees blame the truths,
And cajole,
How justice was perverted.

"Surely it will come one day
The very good thing'

There once a trustworthy man,
Living in penury,
But stable in truth,
He tells the truth and makes it crystal,
He seems uncouth among his kin,
His act made him an alien in his home,
His expression made him a gentile in Jew,
But he remains the same in truth.

"O'Come hitter! ..to the pew
Let the justice reign he spoke"

Defiantly, they look, and criticized him
Because of his senility.

He craved for the safety of truth,
Hoped for the glory in returns,
To come as dew of early,
From his creator,
He suffered in hunger,
Begging day-to-day for food,
But was told to convert to dead being,
Optimistic he was, always!

Now as farmer yet to harvest,
His creator heard his stammering voice,
His poor turns luxury,
He lives as Adam did in Eden,
Before the first sin,
His past faded away,
His word changed,
And turns good.

In exclaim!
Good things welcome around him

Surely it will come
The very good thing.

© Stefan™

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