Does mindiloquism exist? Can it be found in dictionary? Oh! yeah, kindly read the poem to understand what the real mindiloquism mean. 
Happy reading.

Eve didn't mean to do it
It wasn’t a trick
Not to cajole
But off the mindset, from real
She got misplaced.

Oh sweet uncertainty tomorrow!
Turn not to unseen no more.

Her fruit is here
Trying to cast my heart with spell
With satiety odd of enchantment
Dilation is her tone of fascination
That stills my roaring tongue.

Hitter, ease, slowly
Deeply, firmly, eternal.

Stoop low-bow to roof
Swift low the weary twist
Hitter to he-the-swain
And fill the vacant without emptiness.

Analysis: The Plot.

Stanza 1: The poet was trying to explain the flaw of Eve in genesis that she didn't deliberately betrayed Adam.

Stanza 2: We all believe that tomorrow is not sure but, we have hoped that it'd surely come. The poet was trying to urge the upcoming days to show quickly and appear in real form.

Stanza 3: Eve's betrayal leads to what poet mentioned here, that her fruit is around the man's neck. Man is about to fall in pit of betrayal through her facial expressions and her sweet tone/voice. Poet said 'her voice calm the swain’s fury'. Swain means “young man”

Stanza 4: "Hitter, ease, slowly" means the peccelle(maiden) should move nearer without qualm and slowly if she is real.
"Deeply, firmly, eternal" mean she should think deeply if she meant to stay and her stay must be standard and it must be a life contract.

Stanza 5: Line1--Eve's fruit must completely be in oneness with the swain. 2-- That any circumstances that come should be approached and be settled without fight, panic and the likes of frustration.

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