Times ago, I posted this  story on my former blog which is now renewed; it name never changed; STEFANBOOK. 
Yup, this is a story written by A lady, A graduate of Mass communication, The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Ajibawo Damilola. Have a good look around and happy reading this particular story.


      Growing up for me was really fun and exiting because I was a smart,short,intelligent and "talkative" little girl. I could remember then that if you are with me and you are not careful, I  can talk you to "death" because being a little girl then, my words were always very fast that if you aren't listening well you'll hear just 20% out of 100% of things I'm telling and you not giving me attention is not gonna make me stop because I just enjoy speaking. That's why I'm now a loquacious babe though. #smiles

     Few months back, I attended a seminar on how to manage ones identity crisis hosted by Mrs Rodiya Aderinoye-Ajiboye on a Saturday at her lounge and she was the speaker.
Mehhnnn! If you don't know this woman, I'll advice you to check her Instagram page@Rodiyahtan and fb:Rodiat Aderinoye. She also ownes the village lounge and The village learning and care place. She is a motivational speaker and if you wanna know more about her just check her page I bet you, you'll love her she's just too good.
       Yes, back to where I started from, she was speaking to us and then she asked us what our childhood dreams were, everyone started saying theirs and when it got to me, I started this uncontrollable laughter and they were looking at me that what was wrong? And me knowing fully well that my childhood dream was a "crazy" one, but then I had no other choice than to say it. So I said my childhood dream was to become a police officer and they were like, oooh that's a good one and the next question is why do you want to become a police officer at that little age? And my reply is always that "because of the #20 policemen collect from us each time we are travelling so we all laughed.

       So, continuing with our discussion at the lounge, our speaker asked us to go back home and sleep, think and think and make our childhood dream a reality...
On getting back home, i started re-examining my childhood dream like it was a specimen placed in the laboratory.
And then, months later, I translated my funny, crazy childhood dream to a "PEACE MAKER"
Yea I mean that! A peace maker. I know you'll be confused that how's peace maker related to that of a police officer that's after #20daily but I'll explain so we can all learn

         When I was ss2, it was closing hour that day and there was an argument between two of my classmates so I went there and asked what it was all about, they told me and at my 13years of age then, I was able to settle their argument that was already leading to a fight. On my way home, I met another classmate of mine under the tree, unknown to me that he was watching all that happened in class earlier, he said to me "Dammy please just go and study law" you're too good in settling quarrels and then I smiled and went home.

      And throughout my secondary school I was always settling disputes and making peace reign, I was just too in love with "peace".
I realized I was actually not after the police officers' #20, I was in love with the fact that they maintain peace in the society, let's cars move easily and all that.

What's your childhood dream?
Remember, mine took me months, yes months to realize...
Look back and make that childhood dream a reality,
You can even make money out of it, I bet you.
Believe me sincerely,God has given us that childhood dream to make us and not mar us

Remember  your childhood dream and make it a great one.

I am Damilola Ajibawo


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