Poetry | FINDING SELF - Stefan

..have you for once been lost without being lost? have your mind ever been wandered beyond the surface earth whereas you are a still taking the earth breeze? have you ever been so lost to the extent of finding yourself in yourself within yourself? Yeah! here is poem that says it on a title FINDING SELF. Read, comment and share to people around to. Have a lovely view around. Thanks.

I'm finding you through the odds
I'm longing you in an unsure
Uncertainty is what I am into.

The day is long enough
The night will last enough
For us to enjoy the life we are living.
Long enough to live and enjoy.

This world itself begins at a specific time
Ruling in its desmond shape
Govern with its destined features
Hovering with what it has to.

In this world,
This earth, specifically,
We have to do what we have to
We are bond to what the earth has.

To live it,
Bad and good are what we are to;
Expecting each one to cook his/her made.

In the moment,
Of not to lost to unsure
Don't complain about the complaint
Cos' we are all a complaint.

June 26, 2018.


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