We have lost ourselves unjustly,
To so-called new century
We got civilized wrongly,
Forsaken our natural being.

We’ve lost in the 21st
Forgotten the 19’s
How life better some them
How life was lived then.

No more difference between a spinster and a granny
Lassie’s hill is now a slab surface
Slack, loosened, got packed;
With undeniable rubbers’ rope.

Tell the ‘bach’ his umpire duty is not needed
Tell him not to lost in lust
Whisper the spoken to his two drums
That sun is yet to ripe
When it does
He would enjoy the moment with rejoice
To the very last.

No difference between ‘tin and tea’
Both are acting awkward
Playing with clay and sand to build pyramid
‘Tin’ lost in ‘tea’‘tea’ lost in ‘tin’
Sane left Tea’s cottage,
And took away its belongings unknowingly.

We’ve lost in all
Uncouth had buried our sensitivity with undoubted
We embraced the uncouth and ignore our real self
Tell them, we would get found, maybe one day.

Note:     21st – 21st century
19’s – Before 21st century, that is in the 1990’s
Lassie’s hill – Maiden’s breast
Rubber’s rope – Bra 
Teen – Teen (Age below 19)
Tea – Ty (Age above 20)
Uncouth – Stranger / strange thing.



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