The Beginning of the End - STEFAN

The Beginning of the End.

Through the odds and lucks
Through the lands and seas
Through all the vices and its opposite
I have not seen the beginning of end.

I wonder how Pacific could flow without end or beginning

I travelled to many cities,
Many towns,
Many places,
Many rivers, lakes, oceans
All where there's existence
There's not a single beginning of the end.

If the four source of water flow;
Pishion, Gishion, Tigris, and Euphrates, could start it flowing from Eden,
Or maybe somewhere; then,
Why can't we, I, have seen this very beginning of this end?

Question for us
But, do you really understand my question?
I'm actually talking about the Beginning and the End of Earth.
Where it begins and ends.

Join me in finding it,
Happy  finding.




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