TIME WILL TELL - Evergreen


Time will tell when history was blank to the blind future,
when a spaceless sky filled all the races under the White gods
with golden nights that cried for a diamond morning
- that would blossom the lucifer and her flowers,
- bright opened to smile against the odds of 'someday'.

Tell will tell when the fertile land birth peace
with the nomadic answerers of proteinous prayers
and the natural inhabitants of a fertile land, for toiling,
to put into the stomachs of mortals the bread of life,
- living the peace, with no disturbing conscience
like of the Pontius Pilate after giving ears to Jesus.

Time will tell when the caricatures of the truth
and her wretched antonym buys no conscience from Iscarius
while Jesus only answers to the call of his fate,
with boiling truth without evidence against 'a majority liars,'
with no clear pictures of when AK47 becomes the staff
that Moses suddenly used to divide the Red Sea.

Time will tell when Adamu becomes a sister of Benue
with Christiana burning in Southern Kaduna,
with no Esther or her Ibrahim to cry against crucifixion
because of either their tongues or the colour of their skins
- like the Ogunfemi in the earth of Bama Prison.

Time will tell when tears are falling faster than the ray of light,
for the killing of the adherents of 'an opium of the masses'
or for the condemnation of the convictions of another
with elections running around the corners of opaque consciences
when the safety of the Northern girls are summoned in ill fate,
with the cries of the biased judges under the cross
and the laughter of the creators of an aftermath of nightmares.

Time will tell when time was nothing to tell,
when history placed superiority over hatred,
over the noises of the hearts calling upon God to behead humans,
over the jokes of relentless tragedy of milk against honey,
against the tick-tacks of sorrow - hitting the agitations for freedom,
for ransoms, for undesirable passions and forbidden aspirations,
for the like-terms running anti-clockwise
- like the hands of the clock of the pessimists.

Time will tell when, time will tell how and where,
time will tell when the time to return home arrives,
and leaves the passport judgement for the time
when the Staff is only used to save the burning desires for proteins,
not to run away from Adamu because you think he was the Pharaoh
- chasing Moses to the time where time heals none but the death of all.

©Ibrahim Ayobami Balogun
~ Evergreen


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