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True nature of man reveals when the time comes 

True nature of man reveals when the time comes –Mistakes? 
Well, it could be a mistake you and I have mostly made through the urge of curiosity which could kill our emotional soul. We always wanted to know the truth whereas the truth is always lying within us; beneath, somewhere, in hidden place, or maybe in us, it could be invisible, it could be camouflaging – changing it form to cajole or want us to thirst for (her) more. 

The truth we crave could be behind our tongue which would be sealed until it is time for it to step out. There is a saying “there’s time for everything”. 

What you chase over and over that you couldn’t reach could appear before you tomorrow without inviting it. So, don’t stress yourself too much while there’s more to everything –to life. 

There’s more. Truth will surely prevail when it is time. No matter how they protect it, it’ll leak out one day and new breeze will fill the air and the told lie will be mocked.



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