Weary soul - Do not give up

Anytime you feel you’re fading away
Don’t forget you are not alone.
You are on the verge of perdiction
You are not alone.
Indistinctly, your life is saying goodbye,
You are not alone.

Know that life is not always the same
Know that nothing is static or permanent
Life can’t always be/go as we want/presume
You’d want to give up
And if you do, you are not alone
There are many people like you,
Who would like to go with you or -
Thinking just like you
Know that; you are not alone.
..and the otherwise,
Let’s get it on
Nothing is permanent
It will soon over.

Wherever you find yourself
Know that your current situation is not the end
To the living soul, age does not matter
Trust yourself
You’ll over it.

Those people you are looking up to,
Were once in your shoes
Had they gave in,
Nothing would have been your motivation
So, no matter what
Do no give up because;
You are not alone

February 27, 2019


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