Are They Your Sent?

are they?

I thought you are big
But they keep asking for our hard earn to pay your tribute
They said it is your rite, but we have no excuse to justify our right
It is said to be a way to enlarge our coast
Are they from you?

I thought you are beautiful
But they keep asking us to handle your finesse
They told us awful thing that'll befall us with weird-auto-craft if we dare refuse to opine
They told us to perfect your fineness
Are they from you?

Are they Your-Sent?
These people relent not to get us insolvent
Our daily income is their minute spent
Are they from you?

I thought you have everything?
In your name we were asked to bring all ours
That in return it'll be multiply
But how will it when we've totally been robbed willfully?
Outside charity to the poor is not recognized because it is not done in your house instead
Are they from you?
Our shelter is sold to build your house
For decade, we keep building your home
Are they your sent?
Tell us they are from you before we die serving god you rebuke.



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