The Love 102 -

How to become better,
Not for the betterment of a psych-preferred but-
To be the most unwanted pining figure.

I read the wave,
How it waive through clockwise.

A soul, depicting how a soul could work in a random:
It could work in any appeared phase
A soul of not lost but yet found
Soul of a soul – do you copy?
Can you relate with the semi-center line above?

A soul is a soul of a soul
The center soul of a soul
Connecting – emitting the omission of the lost to form a new
Souls connect simply to emit – to form not to birth – to but form new.

Love a soul – save a soul;
Save a soul through soul
Love a soul through soul
Soul: the connector.

You need a wit to mix your love wheat,
Your love is like a food – wheat
You need it to survive the tinny throng
Connect this yourself, your soul
Be a connector, soul lover.

Olanrewaju Bolaji


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