Hello readers, here is another poem for you. It is about three girls, who find it hard to wait for their lovers even in their tender age there were crazy about his arrival. In the poem, they show and pour their feelings out and little experience they’ve had while waiting. The poem is into three sections: The skinny, the chubby and The Beauty. Please try to read and share it with friends too.

I’m a skinny girl with flat cheeks,
I am shitty, what people call me.
I’m a girl with; small eye balls
Tiny eye brow, short lips.
No one has ever taken a move to appreciate my nature,
No one has ever given me a mighty gaze.
Smirk! Groggy! Irritating!
Is the image everybody sees while previewing me.

I have tiny long leg like a pole
I posses a skinny tummy like a kwashiorkor
I’m stuck in a puzzle of thought.
Who will take me?
This question has been unsolved since my puberty stage.

Who is ready to take me?
An olden print says;
"I’m purposely on earth for someone"
The creator’s image
I am his replica
Why wouldn’t I be taken?
Definitely, beloved is coming, but - when? 


I’m a girl with excess fat,
If I call myself chubby -
It’s just an understatement.

I’m a girl with round face;
Big belly, pillar legs, thick arms,
I can’t have a two minute walk without shedding sweats,
I know nothing but to sit on Donkey chair for my comfort,
If I try to seat on bench, backache will welcome me.

Who will take you?

My dream to become an Athlete became void,
Fatso! my name,
No one dare to elope with me.

“If you were born during civil war, you’d have gone”.
Was what a man told me when I tried to be romantic with him.

Will you surely come?
or it was just a fiction (story) that I read in the books?
Will you surely appear or it’s a mere story preachers used to tell?

Take me - save me before this Lassie’s soul fade away like flame in thin air, Beloved!!

Who will take me?
With this heavy burden I’m carrying?
Who is ready to take me?

I’ve lost myself to world’s lust. I’ve enjoyed myself a lot; dwelled in world’s luxury, I’ve tasted what a woman should have tasted while am still in my spinster. Now, who will take me?

I ate my life time meal in a sitting. I devoured even my unborn baby’s food; dewax upon dewax, abortion upon abortion. My beauty drove me to storm of life. I used my beauty to ruin my unborn baby’s life and mine. So, will I ever get a companion?

No one is ready to take an unfruitful woman. Or is there any man to take an unproducible woman? My seductive nature can only blame it on Beloved delay. Almost every moment of my regret, I would say:
“Beloved! Why don’t you show on time?
Why did you let my soul lost to lust?”
And I would conclude by saying:
“Beloved! In an unsettled am voicing
Do not bother to show again
For I, have nothing to offer you”.

October 27, 2017


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