Feature Story: The interview – And it gone wrong

The interview – And it gone wrong

The unemployment in Nigeria is but on its high level of it pitch. It more than looming, it has already clouded the whole “crook and nock” of the society. The unemployment; is, the act of not having a particular job which could fend man a straight or perfect income. Unemployment has made so many citizens of Nigeria to go long way, search around what is not lost and all, to cater for oneself or family as a whole.

Unemployment has made so many Nigerian youth to gone mad to the extent of normalize what is not right. Unemployment has made rational irrational and vice versa. Unemployment has reoriented the most deadly and imminent aspect of youth’s mind. It is viral, what youth of these days venture into which are; cyber fraud, robbery, pocket picking and so on.

Considering a family man, unemployment has made many people commit suicide because they can’t continue to tolerate the shame and the misfortune in it. Imagine a family man of five who has no job or no income the fact that he is creative yet, his creativity can’t fetch him money. Maybe because creative/talent is much on the street and only the fittest survives.

Unemployment has cause a lot of havoc and has damaged so many beautiful things in the nation at large. Look at the number of graduates every year. Their number is always high every year and company that c/would afford the fresh-bone is but not available. Even those that are due for retirement is afraid to retire because of the dilapidated state of the country.

How do we tackle this unemployment?

Firstly, we have to put on the selfless act. We as a figure that made the whole Nigeria should emulate the act of being selfless. When you and I are on a mission with one goal, it would be easy to achieve this sets goals.
Then, my second opinion, we have to at least learn how to control child birth. It is annoying when a man has 10children without a proper care. The rate at which Nigerians are reproducing children should be reduced. There’s protection that can prevent unnecessary pregnancy which among is – family planning; it could be using some prescribe periodical drugs or (using CONDOM). This should be considered to minimize excess birth.
Thirdly, the government at local, state and federal level should propound/propose new bill that will take care of every child, right from birth till their old age. This should kill the state of unemployment in the nation. If the child is been taken care of, everything the children do will be accountable and, there won’t be excessive jobless people all around. Here, there will be more companies (could be government owned or private owned) to take new entrants and everything, every power will be centralized.
Lastly, we should do away with religion emotions. This is one of the bigot that is rotten us our well prepared meal.


The Interview – And it gone wrong
It is pertinent all over the states that everybody wants to be busy with one or two things that could fetch them money – this made so many people find needs to seek for way out of poverty. This made some fresh graduates fold firmly their baggage and search for job around.

Job seeking didn’t limit to the youths or (fresh) graduates alone, but to all unemployed. At least, once in a week, unemployed people write application letter and submit their curriculum vitae (CV) to random companies, if, they could take them.

“On Sunday, February 01, 2020, I got a call from my friend who has submitted his application letter almost all around Ibadan city that he has been invited to an interview on Monday, February 02, 2020. After he made call back to the sender for its authenticity, the interview was later postponed to Wednesday, February 04, 2020 due to some circumstance. So, on the interview day, he got there and he met different thing. He expected some kind of interview but it was something else. He was welcomed to a referral program of GNLD.

“GNLD means Golden Neo-Life Diamite Intenational, it is a network marketing company that specializes in the area of nutrition, their products are mainly food supplements, and most times, drugs.

It is common within the states of Nigeria that GNLD agent use fake interview to advertise or introduce their products to people.

“My friend and other interviewee were welcomed with this referral program and they, the agents started lecturing them about the products. What a seamy way! After much minutes, a woman, who was invited with a text message that says ‘You have been invited to a life saving foundation that would loan you money to save your dying business’, burst out and started shouting, blaming the host and all.

Check the below clip to listen to the conversation;

This was how the interview my friend went gone wrong.

Written by
Olanrewaju Bolaji
©Stefan (2020)

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