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Escape Plan - DAY 4

Hello Readers,
I hope you’re good as I’m doing great here. Today, I’m going to tell the bad omen that prematurely appears.
I woke to the noisy alarm. There is no water in the house; I had to check the well around to fetch water. Before I finished all home chores, time has gone. I had my bathe and off to work. As usual, I have to take two motors before getting to my destination. The first motor I took, I sat next to the door, when the passenger beside me wanted to alight, as I open the door, unfortunately for a small girl holding firmly by her mother, walking wearily to school, got hit by the motor door. 
Whoops!! “I’m sorry ma, I didn’t mean to hit her, my eyes were away from the door sight, I just opened it, sorry ma” 
“See how you hit her? Olohun o da (meaning: God will be our judge)”. In my mind, I rebuked it. Though, I felt guilty but, I didn’t mean to. I then, alighted from the motor and took another to my final destination. 
I got to my place of work late; I met my partner bus…

Almost Almost - Day Three

Hello Readers, thanks for being there.

Yesterday, while going home, I saw a place; a pharmacy & Supermarket, which its noticeboard says "Experienced Sales Boy/Girl is needed". I made an enquiry, I was told all I need.
I told my course mate which I've been patronising her work place for my job ish feedback. I narrated all. I also told her about a guy, my old neighbor I met. He was coming from his place of work as well. I told the guy my issue. Fortunately, when he asked for my CV, I was able to provide it.
I told my course mate all this just to help me more on anything she could render. I left her place after some minutes.
So, today. I woke up early as usual. I didn't cook because of where I'm going to drop my CV.
Before I got to the place just few steps to the place, I quickly brought out my application letter to fill the place name and address. When I'm done. I enter the place, I greeted the man I met. I told him I saw Sales Boy is needed and I w…

Boredomnesslessly: Day Two

Today's summary looks a bit narrative and boring. If there's any error, I'm sorry and kindly help me take it with love. Thanks in advance. 

Hello My Readers,

I really appreciate for your checking up on the blog, I’m grateful. I hope all is well over there. This is the summary of my 2nd day.

I took the Secretary position, I play along. The chores I supposed to do, I do ‘em. But on my first day, there’s a matter ongoing that an IT student is needed at the ventures’ hotel. I might likely to be the person. Well. I’m still finding better place.

Also, this first day, during my SIWES program, the guy I partnered with came to do some things. He was questioned a lot about his internship, then persuaded to do it in printer. The fact that he hesitated, he still had no better option “on ground”.

So, on 2nd day, he didn’t come, manager asked of him, I told manager I can’t reach him ‘cos he lost his phone. Well, what will be will be.
During break time, I took my…

The First Day Of My Internship - Day One

The First Day Of My Internship - Day One
The first day of my Internship at University of Ibadan Printing Press.
As I was told, 8am opening hour – 5pm closing hour; I rushed down to bathroom to have my bath as early as I could. I got to office a bit late, 08:14am.I met some of the staff standing at entrance, waiting for the person that holds the company’s key. I greeted them, exchanged words in welcoming tone. We didn’t wait much long before gate entrance was opened.  Few minutes later, as the company’s custom, we had morning devotion, had announcement, I wasn’t introduced as the new face because it was the same place I did my 4 months SIWES training. We then had the Lord’s Grace as the last resort.
I walked down to manager’s office, we spoke and I was told secretary post is empty so, I’m going to hold the position till there’s a change in hand from headquarter. “softly in my mind, this is cool”.
Before noon sets her table, manager told me my letter has not been received by her from headqu…

Hello Readers, Welcome To Diary Section

My Diary
Hello Readers,
I’m humbled and honored to have a great people like you here. This is a new label I just added labeled Diary, which I’m going to be sharing my daily adventure with you. I hope you’d like it and would keep visiting to read more stories every day. Thank you and stay tuned.

- Stefan -PenRite Team. Kindly drop your comment on comment box, thanks.