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Poetry | FINDING SELF - Stefan

..have you for once been lost without being lost? have your mind ever been wandered beyond the surface earth whereas you are a still taking the earth breeze? have you ever been so lost to the extent of finding yourself in yourself within yourself? Yeah! here is poem that says it on a title FINDING SELF. Read, comment and share to people around to. Have a lovely view around. Thanks.

I'm finding you through the odds I'm longing you in an unsure Uncertainty is what I am into.
The day is long enough The night will last enough For us to enjoy the life we are living. Long enough to live and enjoy.
This world itself begins at a specific time Ruling in its desmond shape Govern with its destined features Hovering with what it has to.
In this world, This earth, specifically, We have to do what we have to We are bond to what the earth has.
To live it, Bad and good are what we are to; Expecting each one to cook his/her made.
In the moment, Of not to lost to unsure Don't complain about the complaint Cos'…


Hun-un! Melô lafé kà nínú eyín adípèlé Melo lafe so Ohun oju ri nigbo ogboju ode nikabi Ohun oju ri n'iju, akikanju lole rohin Ohun oju ri enu oma ni leso
Hun! Oro yi seni nipele Adia f'omo alaja to nt ’aja nile alájá O n kiri Aja kiri Won ni kilo pon seyin, Ol'eran ogun ni Won ni kopada sile tori Ògún n se orò Won kii nilo pe olewu Sugbon ona abayo kan wa toba fee lo Won ni ko rubö k'aje lewogba Won ni ko juba k'ogun ma feran e ya Oni ohun gangan omo Ògún omo òògùn Oni kosewu f'omo abore Kini katise nigbato fariga Kini kati ro nigbato k'opako s’oro agba O f'oju bintin oro agba O f'oju kere agba Otoju agba mole.
Ojo pofiri omo alaja oma pada wale! Eyi ko awon ara ile alájá siyonu Won tusita bi eye leke-leke Won nwa omo alaja kiri Nigba t'álé lé Aja lo pada wale pelu eran enia l'enu Aja gbeegun enia ha'nu bi eegun eku Ibanuje dori agba kodo lojo yii Ariwo gba ile alájá Gbogbo ilu kan dódó Eni awifun oba je ogbo Omo alaja omope agba kii soro lai nidi! komo pe iriri …


Does mindiloquism exist? Can it be found in dictionary? Oh! yeah, kindly read the poem to understand what the real mindiloquism mean.  Happy reading.

Eve didn't mean to do it It wasn’t a trick Not to cajole But off the mindset, from real She got misplaced.
Oh sweet uncertainty tomorrow! Turn not to unseen no more.
Her fruit is here Trying to cast my heart with spell With satiety odd of enchantment Dilation is her tone of fascination That stills my roaring tongue.
Hitter, ease, slowly Deeply, firmly, eternal.
Stoop low-bow to roof Swift low the weary twist Hitter to he-the-swain And fill the vacant without emptiness.

Analysis: The Plot.
Stanza 1: The poet was trying to explain the flaw of Eve in genesis that she didn't deliberately betrayed Adam.
Stanza 2: We all believe that tomorrow is not sure but, we have hoped that it'd surely come. The poet was trying to urge the upcoming days to show quickly and appear in real form.
Stanza 3: Eve's betrayal leads to what poet mentioned here, that her f…


I wrote this poem for my 2017 department EXCOS. When fresher’s blood was running through my veins.”
Here is the poem;

They thought their words would let the world falls at their feet They hop the weary in awe of people Ignored the grimace of smilet Their accents are even terrible Expression is neither mechanized nor intrigued Their dialects match not facial expressions Their idiolect also perplexed the pew's view Pardon, confute not our confusopoly.


The Beginning of the End - STEFAN

The Beginning of the End.
Through the odds and lucks Through the lands and seas Through all the vices and its opposite I have not seen the beginning of end.
I wonder how Pacific could flow without end or beginning
I travelled to many cities, Many towns, Many places, Many rivers, lakes, oceans All where there's existence There's not a single beginning of the end.
If the four source of water flow; Pishion, Gishion, Tigris, and Euphrates, could start it flowing from Eden, Or maybe somewhere; then, Why can't we, I, have seen this very beginning of this end?
Question for us But, do you really understand my question? I'm actually talking about the Beginning and the End of Earth. Where it begins and ends.
Join me in finding it, Happy finding.




We have lost ourselves unjustly, To so-called new century We got civilized wrongly, Forsaken our natural being.
We’ve lost in the 21st Forgotten the 19’s How life better some them How life was lived then.
No more difference between a spinster and a granny Lassie’s hill is now a slab surface Slack, loosened, got packed; With undeniable rubbers’ rope.
Tell the ‘bach’ his umpire duty is not needed Tell him not to lost in lust Whisper the spoken to his two drums That sun is yet to ripe When it does He would enjoy the moment with rejoice To the very last.
No difference between ‘tin’ and ‘tea’ Both are acting awkward Playing with clay and sand to build pyramid ‘Tin’ lost in ‘tea’‘tea’ lost in ‘tin’ Sane left Tea’s cottage, And took away its belongings unknowingly.
We’ve lost in all Uncouth had buried our sensitivity with undoubted We embraced the uncouth and ignore our real self Tell them, we would get found, maybe one day.
Note:21st – 21st century 19’s – Before 21st century, that is in the 1990’s Lassie’s hill – …



Let it go off the net Let the bird rest in her nest Let the zest rest on the rest Let it go off it offer Let it go.
Set it off it assails Stretch it, wreck it now Press it, not until it sweats Let it go now For it has shown its level.
06:55pm 19-04-2015 © Stefan™ OLANREWAJU BOLAJI

Be the best you can..


"some lines are grammatically incorrect, pardon me for that"
At around dawn, When sun has already met home, When the noisy mute, And storm became still.
"In soft tone Come nearer the father calls"
He summoned his children, And tell the very cool tale, He bumps to early life of Roman, How Pharisees blame the truths, And cajole, How justice was perverted.
"Surely it will come one day The very good thing'
There once a trustworthy man, Living in penury, But stable in truth, He tells the truth and makes it crystal, He seems uncouth among his kin, His act made him an alien in his home, His expression made him a gentile in Jew, But he remains the same in truth.
"O'Come hitter! the pew Let the justice reign he spoke"
Defiantly, they look, and criticized him Because of his senility.
He craved for the safety of truth, Hoped for the glory in returns, To come as dew of early, From his creator, He suffered in hunger, Begging day-to-day for food, But was told…



Hey! What do you think I am? A servant or a boss? A richer or a beggar? A saint or a sinner? Godly or worldly? What do you think I am? Where do you think I belong?
Wait a bit…
You don’t need to give yourself headache Differences is what we create for everything include ourselves How you define it, Or how it appears to you, Is the meaning and definition you’ll give to it Just like what I am to you.
You need to know that; Not until I wear loin cloth will you know I’m okay Not until I dress tattered will you know something is wrong somewhere.
It’s not whenI put on black attire will you know am mourning No! It is not until I open and shine my teeth will you know am happy Open it could even be devilish. No! Not until I beg on the street will you know I need some things. No! You got it wrong.
-You think everything will remain static or stagnant? Of course, change will come to it, as long earth is rotating on its axis.
Need I tell you? It is not when I put on white garment will you know I’m Godly …

TIME WILL TELL - Evergreen


Time will tell when history was blank to the blind future,
when a spaceless sky filled all the races under the White gods
with golden nights that cried for a diamond morning
- that would blossom the lucifer and her flowers,
- bright opened to smile against the odds of 'someday'.

Tell will tell when the fertile land birth peace
with the nomadic answerers of proteinous prayers
and the natural inhabitants of a fertile land, for toiling,
to put into the stomachs of mortals the bread of life,
- living the peace, with no disturbing conscience
like of the Pontius Pilate after giving ears to Jesus.

Time will tell when the caricatures of the truth
and her wretched antonym buys no conscience from Iscarius
while Jesus only answers to the call of his fate,
with boiling truth without evidence against 'a majority liars,'
with no clear pictures of when AK47 becomes the staff
that Moses suddenly used to divide the Red Sea.

Time will tell when Adamu becomes a sister of B…

Weary soul - Do not give up

Anytime you feel you’re fading away Don’t forget you are not alone. You are on the verge of perdiction You are not alone. Indistinctly, your life is saying goodbye, You are not alone.
Know that life is not always the same Know that nothing is static or permanent Life can’t always be/go as we want/presume You’d want to give up And if you do, you are not alone There are many people like you, Who would like to go with you or - Thinking just like you Know that; you are not alone. ..and the otherwise, Let’s get it on Nothing is permanent It will soon over.
Wherever you find yourself Know that your current situation is not the end To the living soul, age does not matter Trust yourself You’ll over it.
Those people you are looking up to, Were once in your shoes Had they gave in, Nothing would have been your motivation So, no matter what Do no give up because; You are not alone
04:01PM February 27, 2019 ©Stefan

What is End?

You could have seen this poem on my former Blog; Stefanbook. The blog is actually on break. So have a nice reading here on PenRite. Don't forget to drop your comments, suggestions after reading. Thank you.
Is End Infinity? Is There End?
Two genders mate Through orgasms Fetus form And metamorphose to clitoris’ door Then to birth stage, After nine months.
New birth come as infant To journey the world As a pilgrim or indigene Based on what s/he is called for.
The specie grow to puberty stage Then to maturity stage Then next stage as it's to And finally interbreed As his—her parents did while getting him—her.
As time goes, S/he grows adult Grows grey ...60, 70, 90—10000000 years As his—her life span's lasts.
After life, S/he continue journeying underworld or “upper-world” S/he starts another phase in sequel Phase where no one has experienced But in our delusion We have it view in HD Too clear to picture Imagery the father of sight
So now, What is end? Where does it come from? Answer this; wherever you meet you…