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Feature Story: The interview – And it gone wrong

The interview – And it gone wrong
The unemployment in Nigeria is but on its high level of it pitch. It more than looming, it has already clouded the whole “crook and nock” of the society. The unemployment; is, the act of not having a particular job which could fend man a straight or perfect income. Unemployment has made so many citizens of Nigeria to go long way, search around what is not lost and all, to cater for oneself or family as a whole.
Unemployment has made so many Nigerian youth to gone mad to the extent of normalize what is not right. Unemployment has made rational irrational and vice versa. Unemployment has reoriented the most deadly and imminent aspect of youth’s mind. It is viral, what youth of these days venture into which are; cyber fraud, robbery, pocket picking and so on.
Considering a family man, unemployment has made many people commit suicide because they can’t continue to tolerate the shame and the misfortune in it. Imagine a family man of five who has no job or no …

When Plagiarism was a crime

I was in JSS2. I had a crew I walked with, talked with and write short stories with.
Sulaimon, master mind and the head of all, Abass and Seun, the clowns & the troublemakers. We guys were cool together. But my perturb part, I liked keeping things to myself, I was a loner, I enjoyed it a lot. I rarely talk and this has no effect in me until it got me into trouble.

There was this day I wrote a story on a certain title, not knowing Sulaimon had written something on it. I hardly share my story with others cos' I detest being scrutinized (make fun of) which my guy(s) enjoyed most.

So, this day, Abass & Seun had to trouble me and needed to check my story book to see the progress. It was Seun that saw my newly written story and boom! He saw the title and had to drag it with the chorus of I am a plagiarist. I could not hear a word again. The guy started escalating the matter. I could not bear it, it was a shame and the most embarrassing moment for me. Imagine stealing a tit…


Times ago, I posted this  story on my former blog which is now renewed; it name never changed; STEFANBOOK. 
Yup, this is a story written by A lady, A graduate of Mass communication, The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Ajibawo Damilola. Have a good look around and happy reading this particular story.


      Growing up for me was really fun and exiting because I was a smart,short,intelligent and "talkative" little girl. I could remember then that if you are with me and you are not careful, I  can talk you to "death" because being a little girl then, my words were always very fast that if you aren't listening well you'll hear just 20% out of 100% of things I'm telling and you not giving me attention is not gonna make me stop because I just enjoy speaking. That's why I'm now a loquacious babe though. #smiles

     Few months back, I attended a seminar on how to manage ones identity crisis hosted by Mrs Rodiya Aderinoye-Ajiboye on a Saturday at h…